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Islington today, Kipling by 2019/20, but should be Cloverdale now

April 04, 2017     By Drum118

At the present time, Mississauga Transit (MT) Delivery 50% of the ridership for both TTC Islington and Kipling bus terminals. Over the past 5 years or so, an increase of ridership going out to Mississauga has starter to exceed the inbound numbers.

Islington has been the main terminal since MT started to drop riders off there for their 22 different routes. There has be a fight over the years to stop MT servicing these stations lead by local residents and ward councilors to stop MT from running their buses on Toronto Streets, since transit is the easy thing to deal with than dealing with the real problem and that cars.

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Link to the photo for Downsview Park Station
TTC New Spadina Subway Extension Downsview Park Station

January 24, 2017     By Drum118

TTC New Downsview Park Station is one of 6 new stations schedule to open in December 2017 on the 6.2 km Spadina Subway Extension from Sheppard West Station (currently Downsview) to Vaughan City outside of Toronto for the first time.

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Will TTC get 40 Streetcars in 2017??

January 20, 2017     By Drum118

Here we are in the 3rd week of January 2017 and TTC has yet to see 4431, one of the 40 new streetcars to be delivery to them as promises by Bombardier for this year.

For Bombardier Transportation Division (BBD) to delivery 40 cars this year as plan, it will mean the last car has to be here by December 30, with the remaining being delivery every 9 days. Since we are 20 days into 2017 and it takes about 3-7 to ship a car from Thunder Bay to TTC Hillcrest yard by CP Rail, we are down to about 8 days between cars for delivery now.

Since BBD has stated that the 2nd line in Thunder Bay will not be fully operational until late first quarter of 2017, this will mean each line is producing a car every 7 days, but most likely not at the same time.

Now TTC has 30 cars in service, we should see by March if there is any real improvement in the failure rate currently at 5,600 km not the plan 35,000 km as per contract.

The Main failure for the low number seems to be cause by the opening/closing of the doors by operators, not the riders like it supposed to be and the breaking system.

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