Islington today, Kipling by 2019/20, but should be Cloverdale now

April 04, 2017     By Drum118

At the present time, Mississauga Transit (MT) Delivery 50% of the ridership for both TTC Islington and Kipling bus terminals. Over the past 5 years or so, an increase of ridership going out to Mississauga has starter to exceed the inbound numbers.

Islington has been the main terminal since MT started to drop riders off there for their 22 different routes. There has be a fight over the years to stop MT servicing these stations lead by local residents and ward councilors to stop MT from running their buses on Toronto Streets, since transit is the easy thing to deal with than dealing with the real problem and that cars.

TTC service can't handle what it service today, let alone adding MT riders to the mix and no place where MT could connect to TTC in the first place. A number of MT routes use 427 and 401 to get to to the station only.

MT has been kick out of Islington a number of times to the point bus stops were place on the streets around Islington to moving all MT service to a single road at Kipling, causing problems for everyone.

MT pays TTC $400,000 plus yearly for Islington use. MT riders are drop off in front of TTC doors and must pay TTC fare. You use TTC bus bays to gain access to MT buses, but must pay an MT fare to get on and not allow to get off the bus at any TTC stops while leaving Toronto. Coming into Toronto, you can get off at any TTC stops, but not allow to get on.

Did a business case a number of times over the years calling for MT to assume control of 2 TTC routes, since MT ran better service than TTC and would help cover the deadhead time cost for not pickup riders. Metrolinx fully support my business case and TTC staff has never reply to it, as instructed by the commissio

GO Transit Rail Service Kipling, but it non accessibly today.

When Metrolinx was created in 2006, it develop a plan for Gateway Transit Hubs around the the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with Cloverdale being one of them, west of the Kipling Station. It was part of a TTC plan to extend the Bloor Line (2) west to connect to Sherway Garden Mall and then onto Dixie Rd in Mississauga, using the rail corridor ROW. The problem with TTC plan, they fail to protect access to the rail corridor at Kipling to the point a condo tower got built in the path of the extension. The other problem with this extension, it made no sense going west of Cloverdale to Sherway or Dixie Rd, as there was no density then or 40 years from now, since its zone for industrial land and ridership doesn't even come close to supporting a subway in the first place. An 10 minute walk to/from the Dixie GO Station and catching one of 2 MT routes there.

The lands around Cloverdale have been zone for density residential to the point one of the development has set aside land for a new Transit Hub to service TTC, GO Transit bus and Rail line, MT, Brampton Transit and York Region, as well being next to Highway 427.

The ward councilor who was also the vice chair of TTC from time to time, try a number of times to kick start the extension to Cloverdale to kick start development around the new terminal, as well in between them with no luck. He is now a member of the Liberal party at Queen Park and has fail to get the province to build this extension.

Some years ago, it almost happen when the SNC Lavelin wanted to build an office tower at Islington, but the deal fell apart. Since then, TTC came up with a plan under Metrolinx ownership of building a 14 bus bay terminal at Kipling and would be service by Mississauga Dundas LRT line to deal with the poor shape of Islington Bus terminal as well building an tower there to make the station accessibly. The plan was have MT move to Kipling by 2014 and TTC build a new 3 bus bay terminal at Islington until the wheels came off cause by Hydro One.

Since most of the land at Kipling was Hydro One in the first place, they decided it was going to need that land for future expansion and was not prepared to have the new terminal as well the LRT under its transmission lines. This caused the movement of MT on hold to the point TTC wanted Metrolinx to built an temporary terminal at Islington for $10 million so it could replace the bus bay slab since it was not safe to to use for the 2 north bays. This was to happen in 2015 while the new Kipling terminal was being built to open in 2016. At the same time, a developer has a 5 year lease on the Islington land for a sales office for a development they are building on a close TTC parking lot and this temporary terminal would have an impact on the sale office.

Today or I should say Monday April 3, the province announce an P3 RFC was issues that day to 3 teams to do the design, build and maintain it for 30 years with the winning team being announce in the fall. The terminal is to open in 2019, but more like 2020. It will be 5 to 6 years or more late when it opens. TTC has to rebuild its parking lot to the point it will be close until it completed, forcing driver to park somewhere else.

Since this process has started, a design change had to take place how riders would have accessibly access to GO Station by using a underground tunnel from both TTC Kipling Station as well this new terminal. CP rail close their intermodule yard across for the Kipling station to the point Metrolinx bought the corridor between CP line and the Metrolinx Lakeshore Line and the yard since the Lakeshore line is to be closed for a number of months to allow 2 or 3 new overpass to be build over the line with Metrolinx running their service up the Weston Sub, alone CP Milton Line and then use this corridor to get to/from the Lakeshore Line. There plans to have a temporary GO Station at Kipling for this detour.

TTC has bought part of the yard from Metrolinx to build a new yard and complex for line 2 and this will require taking TTC tail tracks underground and under CP Rail corridor. With this happening, the plan tunnel will now be overpass for the accessibility community to the point there supposed to be 3 elevators there now.

As I have stated in the past, if the Cloverdale extension had taken place, everyone would be a winner. TTC current bus terminal at Kipling was under built for some unknown reason compare to all the other that there is no room for expansion and more service now. There is no layover area for buses and a bitch for accessibility use with no connection with GO.

All bus routes waste 5 or more minutes per trip to get to/from Kipling compare using Cloverdale. Mississauga waste an extra 5 minutes going to Islington and 3 minutes leaving it. This adds up to millions of dollars being wasted. Then, the amount of car traffic would fall, since it closer to Hwy 427.

As announced, GO Transit is going to run service competing with MT from Sq One that will only benefit GO other than routes from outside of Mississauga

4 bus bays will be use for GO that currently has none at any station, leaving 10 bays for MT. MT needs more than 10 to the point they are planning this fall or early 2018 when the Transitway is completed to force riders to change buses at Renforth to cut back on the number of buses going to Kipling/Islington, causing riders to waste more time using transit. There is talks that GO will run buses service between Kipling and Union Station

If TTC is to extend the subway line sometime down the road, not sure how it will be built with the new yard coming into play now.

There been many calls to build the Subway to Sq One (so call downtown), but it makes no sense how to do it when ridership is non existing 40 years down the road, if every. Mississauga was offer a free SRT like TTC from Kipling to Sq One back in the 80s and they turn it down. If you visit the Kipling station today and look out the south side widow, you will see the platform already built for the proposed SRT line.

My recommendation today, you use a Tram-Train on CP Rail Corridor that will connect to the Hurontario LRT line, but how do you deal with it and CP trains at the same time under current rules? The other option, you build a tunnel off CP corridor to run EMU to Sq One area.

As a note, there are 2 developments under construction by Kipling Station that will see 8 25-35 story apartment and condo being built in the next 5 years on Dundas St and a drop in the bucket that is plan between Kipling and Cloverdale area. Somewhere between 15,000 to 20,000 units or more as the plans keep on getting change.

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