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TTC New Spadina Subway Extension Downsview Park Station

January 24, 2017     By Drum118

TTC New Downsview Park Station is one of 6 new stations schedule to open in December 2017 on the 6.2 km Spadina Subway Extension from Sheppard West Station (currently Downsview) to Vaughan City outside of Toronto for the first time.

The station has 2 entrance to it with a GO Transit corridor between them. A new GO station is currently being built to service the new station that will have 3 tracks in place of the current single track with side platforms for each entrance Link to the photo for Downsview Park GO Transit Station. The station will have an accessibility ramp to the main floor entrance. This new station will allow GO Riders on the current Barrie Line to gain better access to Toronto and the University of York than going all the way down to Union Station or walk from the current University Station north of this new station.

The Artwork in the station is by Panya Clark Espinal call "Spin" that can be found though tout the station on the floor, walls and ceiling Link to the photo for Downsview Park Station Artwork Spin.

The roof of the station is a green roof along with sloping glazing windows from floor to ceiling.

The concourse will be a walkway between the 2 entrances, bypassing TTC entrance and under the GO Transit Corridor. To deal with the noise of train passing overhead, shock absorption system have been place under the track corridor as well in the ceiling of the concourse Link to the photo for Downsview Park Station Concourse Ceiling.

All the new stations will be 100% Presto with next phase of upgrade to the fare machines currently being tested and schedule to be install this summer. Once they are in service, they will be roll out to all other location by 2019. Tokens will still be accepted at the station, but they will be phased out in 2018.

The new station will see the removal of the fare collector and will be replace by customer service representatives. This will happen to the whole TTC system in the coming years as well.

If you use line 4 (Sheppard) you will see almost the same look for the new stations platform. Bare concrete walls that have leaks at the control joints.

One thing you will find missing while standing on the platform is the track signals lights. The new extension will feature on opening day is Automated Transit Control (ATC/ATO). This will mean that trains can operate closer together and will be control by the cab and operation centre. The stations have 6 boxes between the rails and ever 200 m in the tunnels Link to the photo for Downsview Park Station ATC/ATO boxes between the rails. With ATC/ATO, TTC will be able to run duel direction trains on the same track at the same time. This will allow to close a track to do maintenance on it and maintain service on the line with longer headway. By 2019, all of Line 1 will be ATC/ATO that will offer more service and less disruption of service in place of the current closure that is service by buses.

One thing riders will experience at this station is the extra steps to get to the concourse since it has to be under the rail corridor and then to the platform. Elevator will service the various levels along with escalators.

Over time, new development will be built around this station to offer access to transit across the GTA and Toronto. Until that happens, ridership will be on the low end.

Hidden behind the scene, is the communication centre that will control all radio, Wi-Fi, Presto, communication to riders, control of the ATC/ATO system along with other systems Link to the photo for Downsview Park Station Control Centre. Each track has an Emergency Ventilation System power by a 250 horsepower motor that can suck out the air very quickly or bring in fresh air Link to the photo for Downsview Park Station Emergency Ventilation System.

The station has the standard bike rack to allow riders to bike to the station. Both entrance will have loop road off Sheppard Ave West to drop off or pickup riders.

The current milestone for the station is that its 96% complete. April 1st will see the track power system go live to start the testing stage. May 1st will see the gate between the extension and the existing system at Downsview (Sheppard West) to officially open to allow subway trains to be tested on the new extension.

A diesel power train will tow the first train to check for clearance issues before trains can start testing the lines for themselves. Months of test will take place to make sure all the systems are communicating with each other as well at Hillcrest Control Centre and other TTC location.

TTC Is planning one or two of the new stations to be open on Saturday at the end of May for Toronto Open Door Event Weekend. All the stations will see Open House in October, with date to be announce in the summer. No date at this time, but the Grand Opening of the Extension in December this year.

Just before the station is to go into service, it will be 100% power wash from top to bottom including the rail, as well the rest of the extension stations.

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