Will TTC get 40 Streetcars in 2017??

January 20, 2017     By Drum118

Here we are in the 3rd week of January 2017 and TTC has yet to see 4431, one of the 40 new streetcars to be delivery to them as promises by Bombardier for this year.

For Bombardier Transportation Division (BBD) to delivery 40 cars this year as plan, it will mean the last car has to be here by December 30, with the remaining being delivery every 9 days. Since we are 20 days into 2017 and it takes about 3-7 days to ship a car from Thunder Bay to TTC Hillcrest yard by CP Rail, we are down to about 8 days between cars for delivery now. If we divide 40 in to 337 remaining days to have a car here and the last shipping day from Thunder Bay, it currently shows that a car should be ship every 8.2 days.

Since BBD has stated that the 2nd line in Thunder Bay will not be fully operational until late first quarter of 2017, this will mean each line is producing a car about every 7 days, but most likely not at the same time.

Now TTC has 30 cars in service, we should see by March if there is any real improvement in the failure rate currently at 5,600 km not the plan 35,000 km as per contract.

The Main failure for the low number seems to be cause by the opening/closing of the doors by operators, not the riders like it supposed to be and the breaking system.

The real question related to the failure rate will be around the delivery of the 60th car for the fleet 4461, what will TTC do if the failure rate is still not close to the 35,000 km? It the understanding that if the failure rate is not close to 35,000 km, TTC will stop receiving anymore cars until the failure rate is met.

If TTC does stop delivery of the new fleet, what will it mean for everyone??

For BBD, it means extra cost to cover TTC extra cost if the delivery date get miss come December 30, 2019 as schedule that already a year late and more. TTC can't provide its riders with cars that are suppose to be more reliably that the current fleet. TTC will continue to waste resources and money trying to keep the new fleet on the road that could be better put to use to other parts of the system.

The other thing that is to happen when the 60th car arrives, its supposed to be the last car to come with pole and pantograph, with the remaining fleet coming with pantograph (pans). TTC was to have most of the system converted to the new overhead system for pans by the end of 2016 with routes 509 and 510 using pans only. At this time, none of the routes are using pans with the main route 504 not fully converted to allow the use of pans to get to those route.

TTC keeps shooting themselves in the foot not going out to tender on the extra 60 cars that are needed to get ahead of this delay by BBD as well poor performance of their product. TTC will not be the first system to have 2 different suppliers for its fleet at the same time and will not be the last.

This is an example of having a sole supplier being jamb down the throat of Transit Systems and Riders to protect jobs and politically seat at a greater cost to the taxpayers. BBD still has major issues with TTC new subway fleet years after going into service with the final trains being delivery early this year.

Let the biding begin as to when 4431 will show up, will TTC get 40 cars in 2017, will TTC keep pussing footing the issue??

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