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Metrolinx was created as the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority (GTTA) on April 24, 2006 to be a Region Transit Authority for transit policy as a crown agency when royal assent was given on June 22, 2006.

Having a Regional Transit Authority was long over due to deal with inter Regional travel and to removed barriers at Municipality Board that had an effect on how Transit Riders as well keeping people in their car and not use transit in the first place.

The original Board of Directors were made up by various politicians representing the Region of Durham, Region of York, Region of Peel, Region of Halton, City of Hamilton and the City of Toronto. It was lead by the Chairman and an CEO appointed by the Province. Each Region and cities appointed their own representatives. This lead to a lot of back room fighting and not achieving much in the first few years. A few mayors were representatives on the board as well.

On November 4 and the 5th, 2006 a public Transit Summit meeting was held at Toronto Metro Hall that was organized by 4 person as to what the GTTA should be, how it should be structure, setting a goal for it and the GTA, how to fund it and etc. Over 500 people attended the 2 day event from all levels of government including the Deputy Ministry of Transportation. Various transit system presented plans as to what they needed as well a time frame and cost. A number of speakers talked about what roll the GTTA should play in creating this Regional System as well the structure of it.

A group was created in 2007 call Metronauts on behalf of the GTTA that held meetings in all the (GTTA) locations and fore runner of creating The Big Move Report and Policies. It was to float various trail balloons to gauge the reaction from those in attendance as to what may happen under (GTTA) with a numbers of things based on London, UK model. It was also to get input from the public as to what they want to see happen under the (GTTA) in the coming years.

On July 8, 2007, one of the organizer of the November Transit Summit meeting meet with the Ministry of Transportation where 2 reports where presented with one pertaining to the November meeting and one by the person meeting with the Ministry. At the July 28 meeting of the GTTA in Hamilton, a report was presented to the board that contain how the GTTA should be structure and quick wins for the it. A fair number of recommendations of this report were the results of the 2 reports presented at the July 8th meeting with the Ministry of Transportation.

There were many stakeholders meeting held in all the regions with various Municipally, Cities, developers and the public as what was needed for them and what was the ranking of them. At the public meetings, the public was given a $50 Billion Budget and was asked what they saw what was needed as well a ranking of them.

December 4, 2007 saw the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority being rename as Metrolinx. A standard run of the mill name and no thought to come up with a good name in the first place. With is approval by the Province, it allow the Province to scrap the current board setup and replace it with a 15 member appointed by the Province since the original board had accomplish very little in the first place. There were stagger time frame when these members would be replace after 3-5 year of service.

When the budget was first arrived at and presented to the Province at a cost of $90 Billion Dollars, the Province said no and it was to be done for $50 Billion. This writter stated in 2003 when the Province first stated to talk about Transit, it was stated that a check of $3 Billion was needed yearly for the GTA for the next 20 years without doing a real look as what was needed and before the system was expanded beyond the GTA. Today its $7 Billion and climbing that includes replacement cost and things to be replace or upgraded.