Welcome to The Mississauga Site

This section will deal with projects in Mississauga only.

We do not cover or try to cover every projects in Mississauga as it more time consuming and going out of our way to do. Then, Mississauga doesn't have that much development taking place in the first place outside a few areas.

Most things west of Hurontario St received next to no coverage at all.

This site is will not be as large as the Toronto site, but will require some drilling down to find what you are looking for. We have made our menu list to help in that drill down like we did for Toronto, but some of the list contain no information as there is nothing for them in the first place.

Some of these projects will see very little coverage as they are not on the normal travel patterns while others will see more since they are so close to one another on the travel pattern route.

Various articles as well press releases will be posted on this page and then move to their own section over time.

Feel free to contact us if you have more information that should be posted here or on items posted, as we will answer your question as soon as we can.

Like Toronto, there are a few sites that will see more than one project for it and combind them under a site name for the area. Pinnical Uptown, Pinnical Grand Park and Parkside Village are a few of those site and will contain the various project name there.

The Urban Project list will follow Urbantoronto headings as much as possible, but we will be setting up our way on how we see it.

Some projects may start out as an address and then gets change to name as time goes on. The same thing will happen to project names for various reason beyond our control and try to put the original name somewhere within the title.

We have provided thumbnail photos on the photo pages and when click, they will produce the full size of the photo. The size of photos have increase in both size and weight since 2005 due to various types of camera used over the years from a point and shot to DSLR.

Photographs being used on this site have the permission of the photographers and have links to them. Thumbnail photos will be used on the photo pages, here with a link to the full size of them. You need permission to used these photos for your use.

Photos are not to be downloaded and require our permission in the first place. Depending on how the photos are to be used, we may wave a service fee for the use of the photo('s).

All projects marked with an * after it are completed.

All projects marked with an ++ after it are cancel or dead now.