Welcome to the Video Site, Home to over 3,000 videos shot since 2008 covering all kind of things.

You will find various Railway systems both in North America as well Europe. This includes various High Speed Trains in Europe shot both from them as well on the ground.

A wide range of videos on Streetcars also known as Trams or Trolley Cars including TTC new Bombardier Transportation Flexity Outlook LRV that are similar to ones found in Europe along with other types.

You will also find videos of plans, Subways, Airplanes, ships, trips, construction projects, buildings, parade, protest and etc.

The site is broken down by years and maybe we will get around to trying to do it by subjects or systems. We have put 20 videos per page to cut down on the number of pages to hold these videos.

All videos are currently up on You Tube under one person name, but we have others that are not up there and have yet to decide how we will added them as a fair number are before 2008.


Site was updated on April 23, 2017